The Story of Trillium and its Vision

Trillium began with Patrick Lynch, a proud dad, husband and practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine, who healed himself from a life threatening condition doctors could not figure out.

Before hitting a lethal tipping point, he lived a healthy and active lifestyle. He practiced and taught yoga to college athletes. He was an avid mountain biker, snowboarder and mountain climber.

For years he was plagued with weird symptoms that seemed unrelated. They weren’t severe and he learned how to manage them. Then one day he was taken down and hospitalized four times in four months. The last time he was hospitalized, some of his organs shut down.

After regaining enough strength, he jumpstarted his organs in the hospital by giving himself acupuncture. After he was released, he began his journey to figure out his health challenge. He managed to stay out of the hospital by managing his diet and not moving much.

When the light bulb in his head lit up enough times whenever he heard the word “Lyme disease”, he finally realized he had a Lyme related infection. He was happier than he had been in years.

During this next phase of combating multiple systemic infections, he was supported by a friend who beat Lyme disease, an experienced doctor of Chinese medicine (herbalist), a skilled acupuncturist and his wife. Within 9 months, he had a strong feeling he won the battle. His body still had more recovery to do, but he had a strong feeling the pathogens were gone. Not just under control, but gone.

Based on Patrick’s in depth understanding and treatment of Lyme disease, he considered he did not need to manage symptoms for the rest of his life. He went from being as infected as one could get, to believing he had eradicated multiple infections associated and not associated with Lyme disease. Some of these infections were malarial type infections such as Babesia and Bartonella. Others were yeast in nature such as candida overgrowth and other fungal forms. Then of course Lyme spirochete forms such as Borrellia and Helicobactor Pylori. He knew that when the body becomes compromised by one infection going under the radar of the immune system, the door opens for more infections. He also knew antibiotics cannot take care of all these infections. By combining his health knowledge and research he came up with a protocol that worked and is now working well for others.

Patrick now celebrates being able to eat what he wants, exercise, snowboard, mountain-bike, climb and most importantly, be a solid family man.

For a whole year, post-treatment, Patrick wanted to know he, in fact, did beat Lyme disease. He went against his dietary practices and tried to bring the infections back by eating sugary foods, dairy, gluten, yeasts and occasionally drinking beer. All food sensitivities were gone and no exacerbations or inflammation ever manifested. He gained 20 pounds, which he wasn’t pleased with, but he knew he beat multiple infections associated with Lyme disease. After he spent a year trying to bring the infections back, he cleansed his body, lost the weight and reset his digestion.

Patrick is an experienced herbalist and acupuncturist who works with people with Lyme related diseases, complex cases and autoimmune disease. He continued his study to achieve his doctorate degree in Chinese medicine and has done extended research on Lyme related diseases and autoimmune disease. His doctoral thesis is How to Clinically Identify and Treat People with Lyme Related Diseases with Chinese Medicine. After successfully treating many people with Lyme related infections and autoimmune disease, Patrick is now confident to share his protocols with the world.

Patrick wanted something symbolic as a business entity to exemplify in order to effectively heal, a community effort is needed. After beating what many people think is an unbeatable disease, he chose the trillium flower, with the intention to connect, support and give back to people who will use his support. The trillium is a rare flower on the endangered species list. They live in groves, or communities in the Pacific Northwestern part of the United States. Their roots are all connected, helping to assure the survival of the whole community as they increase their community. They are delicate, yet with the help of their community, they are strong. They assist in the health of their environment and bring beauty to the forest.

Even now, it is rare to beat a chronic Lyme related infection. Some doctors believe it cannot be done and is something that has to be managed for a lifetime. With solid treatment, and community support, Patrick’s innovative protocol has brought himself and others from sickness to health. You can too.